No. YOU DON’T Need To Niche Down – Do THIS Instead

We’ve all heard it before… YOU NEED TO NICHE DOWN!


In just a moment...

I'm going to show you, once-and-for-all, why YOU don't need a niche.

You might think I'm completely bonkers for making an outlandish claim. Stick with me and I'll unlock a new and powerful perspective for you.  

But if you're like me - not needing a niche - may come as huge relief for you.

Especially if you've ever suffered from what I call Niche-Itis...

- Maybe you’ve hopped from niche to niche trying to find your thing, but you still don’t have a niche, or a thing.

- Or, you’ve narrowed down so much you feel like you niched yourself into a corner. Even if you are making sales, this isn’t all that you have or want to offer your people.

- Or maybe, you never niched down because the whole idea of niching down has your head spinning.

In the end, you've spent a ton of time and money trying to get your name out there, but you still don't feel like your business is fully and authentically aligned with your vision for the future and the life you want to be living.

What is Niche-itis 

Under-Niching. Over-Niching. Not-Niching… stuck.


- Your content isn’t bringing you eager and excited ready-to-buy prospects.

- People don’t recognize you as a Go-To-Expert in your space.

- And you’re having to spend WAY more time, money, and effort on your marketing than you should for the meager results you're getting.

- Your business is getting by, but let’s be honest, you are a ‘Best-Kept-Secret’ and it has you spending more time marketing than actually serving. 


- Yes, your selling your service, but it’s stifling and you want to escape the tiny box you niched yourself into…

- Your products are selling but you feel trapped. 

- You don’t want to keep doing the same content or selling the same thing. 

- You’re ready for the next level, for your clients, for yourself, and for your family… 


- You will serve whoever… or however you’re needed…

- You don’t have a clear path for your customer journey.

- People aren’t sure what you do, or how exactly to refer others to you.

- You and your skills are undervalued and underappreciated.

- You aren't recognized as an expert or leader by your ideal clients.

Any of these situations is beyond frustrating. 

All you want to do is serve people and grow your business, but you feel stuck. I totally get it. I was stuck on this for a long time myself. 

It’s not your fault. 

And now I'm going to help you do something about it.

But you have To Have A Niche...


I totally get why you would think “You Have To Have A Niche”.  

It’s been the prevailing wisdom for decades. Everyone who's been in business for any amount of time has heard how important it is. 

Everyone’s always like…

- What's your niche?
- You need to have a niche…
- You should narrow down your niche and be more specific

If you don’t have a focused niche...

- You need to get clarity.
- You can’t be so scattered.
- You need to focus on one thing at a time

So logically...

Many of us believe that in order to be seen as an industry leader you have to niche down. It’s the only way to be THE EXPERT in your field.

these days it seems you need a niche…

within a niche…
within a niche…
within a niche…

But in all seriousness...

Why do YOU need to fit YOURSELF into a tiny box and limit the people you can serve, or the numerous ways you're able so serve them with your skillset.

And I ask you...

Does having a niche REALLY guarantee success?

Do you know anyone who has niched down and NOT been successful?

I know plenty of people, myself included, that have niched down a little or a lot and still failed. 

On the other end…

Have you ever seen anyone who serves several niches with their content and their products?

Look at Gary Vaynerchuck and Elon Musk…

They have about 44.4 niches each.

But each is highly regarded as THE EXPERT.

- Gary for social media and entrepreneurship...
- Elon For Anything Elon Does… but let’s pick space travel…

Heck, even social media and space travel can’t be considered focused niches…  they are whole categories. But these “random” people are the experts?

And we can hardly imagine if they only did ONE THING.

The truth is, unnecessary niching can severely limit you and your ability to serve. 

Especially for multifaceted coaches and entrepreneurs that can help people in many multiple ways like your-amazing-self.

So, what THEY do, have, or know that you don't…?

What is it that allows Elon and Gary to dominate diverse niches like 'muglife to madison avenue' for Gary, and 'tunnels underground to reusable rockets in outer space' for Elon?

I’ll tell you.

I call it a ThroughLine… 

And that’s what we're going to be talking about today.

Know Your ThroughLine


When you know your ThroughLine:

  • People don’t tell you that you seem unclear… They admire you for your long term commitment and clarity.
  • People don’t refer to you as scattered… They see you as diverse and strategic…
  • A clear and present ThroughLine unlocks new possibilities… People will bring you opportunities that align with your greater purpose.

Difference Between A Niche & A ThroughLine

Now, you might be thinking…

“How can I sell my product if I don’t have a specific niche of people I’m selling to, my marketing will be too broad… and I won’t connect with anyone… So I do need a niche.”

That’s a smart observation.

My response is, Yes…  

And NO.

Yes. Every product or service should, in fact, fit into as narrow of a niche as possible. 

This is absolutely true… (Get the Niche Guide Here)

But, also consider this.

The product niche, within a company, is almost always narrower than the company’s niche

Let’s use McDonalds for a great example.

McDonald's Niches vs McDonalds ThroughLine

- McDonald's is in the Fast Food Industry.

- One of their products is Hamburgers.

Mcdonald's Knows How To Niche

- Add toys to the hamburger and we get Happy Meals niched down for kids.

- Just the burger and nothing else… the value menu is niched for the budget conscious.

- Dress it up & add fries… The Big Mac and Double Quarter Pounder are for super hungry people…

Mcdonald's Knows How To micro-Niche

- Regionally

- Seasonally

But McDonald’s isn’t just in the food industry…

- Its fast and convenient for customers to get food

- It’s fast and convenient for a franchisee to grow a business

- Even their real estate are all easy to access locations.

But ultimately Mcdonald's offers convenience.

From customers to franchise owners… McDonald’s Makes it fast and easy…

- Its fast and convenient for customers to get food

- It’s fast and convenient for a franchisee to grow a business

- Even their real estate are all easy to access locations.

McDonald's ThroughLine is convenience.

The thing that ties it all together for McDonald's is convenience.

Which is why Super Size Me barely impacted their bottom line. They sell convenience not health.


You can see... 

A product, a service, a program… they benefit from a clearly defined niche. 

The business as a whole may serve many niches… or even many industries.

And YOU... 

As a multi-passionate authentically aligned coach, healer, entrepreneur... over time you could potentially own multiple businesses. Certainly you'll create multiple products or services. So...

YOU DON'T Need To fit into A Niche - 

instead, Create Products & Services 
That SERVE a specific niche.

Your product needs a niche… 

Your Services need a niche...

Your business might fit into a single niche…

But YOU… 

YOU need a ThroughLine.

Find Your ThroughLine

The golden thread that weaves your story together to align who you’ve always been, your expanding potential for impact, and the gift that ONLY YOU can be -  with your powerful vision for a better future.

Finding your ThroughLine can be tricky. And it will evolve over time. 

But the more you are aligned with your ThroughLine...

The more you will be freed up to pursue your Highest & Best Purpose backed by an Authentically Aligned Business - and a life you love.

About the author 


As a brand messaging and conversion specialist, I make sure your marketing works harder for you than you work for it!

"Great Marketing Delivers Your Message To The Right People At The Right Time. Great Messaging Delvers You The Right Clients - Ready-To-Buy!"

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