Thought Leader Content Is NOT ‘How To Do’

by NK // in Communication

Being a Thought Leader is NOT telling someone 'How To Do'...

It's one of the biggest mistakes I see.

And Best-Kept-Secret brands make this mistake all the time...

You're creating content trying to help people and grow your business, but the time and effort your investing isn't bringing you a flood of clients. 

If you want to create content that converts into Ready-To-Buy Prospects, predetermined to do business with your brand, and do it your way... 

You need to heed this warning.

Sure, it makes sense to want to share 'How To Do' content...

In an attempt to be helpful and establish our expertise, most of us think it's valuable to talk about how to do something better, faster or cheaper. 

Logically, it adds up to think, "the more you know how to do the more of a Go-To Expert you actually are."

Unfortunately, it doesn't actually work like that. 

If it did, then with all you know, you wouldn't still be riding the struggle bus as the Best-Kept-Secret in your space. 

But, look at top Influencers and Thought Leaders like Gary Vee, or Simon Sinek... They don't tell you how to do something, they show you a new way to think about your situation or problem.

Thought Leaders don't tell you how to do something.
They show you a new way to think about something.

It's a subtle but powerful shift...

Because really, "Just about everything you need to know is available free on the internet." 

I can attest.

YouTube took me from someone who set their wife's brakes on fire ? (wrong fluid ?) to someone who successfully changed a timing belt, water pump, and main seal. ?

The point is...

We've been in the information age for so long, that there is more information being added to the interwebs every hour than you can possibly consume in a lifetime.

We don't need more information.

Gary doesn't tell you how to do, because someone already did. 

If you want to be a Thought Leader...

You need to evolve your content from the 'Information Age' into the 'Insight Age'.

The most precious resource we have is time.

And, most people don't want to waste time learning, especially if it won't solve their problem.  They just want their problem solved.

I may want to know specifically what caused my problem. But what's most important is knowing what will I fix my problem.  

THEN, if I know what will fix my problem, I can spend my valuable time learning what's most important to do, or find someone who already knows how to do it.

'HOW TO DO' IS NOT THE real HOLD UP people have...

Often, we think the thing that holds people back is that they don't know how to do something.

The truth is... 

People don't have time to do anything that doesn't bring them results. Including learning about stuff we can't use right now.

We all have more to do that we can get done, and adding another list to the pile isn't what people are looking for.

So if we want someone to actually make a change and DO the thing...

We don't give them a list of things they need to do... We show them there is a better way, and help them believe that better way will work for them.

For example, just think about the placebo effect...

It's often not about the actual thing... but how much someone believes the thing will actually help them.

What is a Thought Leader?

A Thought Leader is someone who shares perspectives and ideas that change the way people think about and perceive the world.

Someone who guides someone through a thought path to reveal a new view they couldn't see before.

In the AoA, I would always say...

"A mind expanded around a new perspective  can never fully shrink back to it's limited view."

Think about it, when you see a Thought Leader's content shared. It's not usually a step-by-step how to video.

Instead, it shares a snippet of a powerful thought.

A guided glimpse into a new perspective.

To Become A Thought Leader -&- Establish Go-To Expert Status

Evolve your content...

Stop offering more information and to do lists -  and start delivering insights and AHA's.

Content that helps your prospects:

  • Identify problems they didn't know they had... (Barrier Beliefs)
  • Shows them the root cause of a problem... (Crystal Ball of AHA)
  • Save and soothe them from Industry W.A.S.P.s...
  • Increase or save their S.T.E.M. Resources...
  • Unlocks a new way of looking at a situation that gives them a new vantage point...
  • Provides proof and examples of a new & better way...
  • Unlocks a new way of looking at a situation that gives them a new vantage point...

I've studied influence and persuasion rigorously for more than a decade.

- I established myself as a Thought Leader in artistic flooring and created a system that brought me ready-to-buy prospects that weren't even considering the competition...

- I helped do the same with the World's #1 Event Emcee, who not only has a year long waiting list, but has people change the date of their event to have him there... 

- And I've helped countless others level up their messaging as well.

Now I want to help you establish yourself as a Thought Leader in your space too. 

This website is filled with perspectives and tools to help you do just that. 

One of my favorite tools to establish your thought leadership is what I call Beneficial Beliefing

It's a framework to help you break down the Barrier Beliefs standing in the way of your prospects solving their problems and getting real results. It shows them a new path. A new perspective. 

In fact, this article is based on that very framework. 

Want to learn the framework for yourself? 
CLICK HERE for the Free Download. 


- If I can get you to see the better way you might actually take it. 

- If you DO take the path I lay out for you, YOU WILL get results.

- And when you get results you will realize, for yourself, that I am a Go-To Expert when it comes to authentic messaging that moves more people to beneficial action.

But the real reason I hope you'll take the time to learn this framework...

There are any number of people that are unknowingly waiting for you to lead them to a new and better way.

- If you can break down their Barrier Beliefs and show them the better way, you will be their Thought Leader.

- If you can get them to take action and use the path you laid out, they will get results.

- When they get results following your path, YOU will be the Go-To Expert in your space.

What are you waiting for? 

Download the Free Guide (Mini-Course Coming Soon)

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