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Even if you feel like you've hopped from niche to niche trying to find your thing - but you still don't have a niche, or a thing.

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Finally, I can anwer... "What Do You Do?"  In a Way That is Authentic & Accurate.

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I finally nailed my niche, And It Makes ALL The Difference!

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Nail Your Niche A Master Your Message

WednesdaySep 272023

From: Nathan Kettler

Advocate of Awesome

The hard truth is...

You're investing money, time, & effort into your marketing.

But your marketing isn’t delivering the business results you need.

The same advertisement can deliver 100 clients, 5 clients, 0 clients, even 1,000 clients.

What makes the difference?

What makes one ad, in the same place, get such dramatically different results?


The element that makes all the difference is - the MESSAGE that the marketing delivers. 

And truthfully, most businesses are paying a lot of money to deliver the wrong message. 

Far too many businesses go out of business because the marketing strategies and tactics they invest in underperform or simply didn't work at all.

 "most businesses are paying a lot of  money For Their Marketing  -to deliver the wrong message." 

The problem isn't...

The problem isn’t a proven marketing strategy...

It’ isn't because you're not good enough at what you do...

And it certainly isn't because the competition is better than you.

The problem IS...

Your messaging is missing the mark.

Did That Just Happen...?

It comes down to only 1, or more, of 4 things...


1- Talking To ALL The People

2- Talking To The Wrong People

3- Making The Wrong Promise

4- Making The Right Promise The Right Way

As a Brand Messaging & Conversion Specialist...

I make sure your marketing works harder for you than you work for it! 


You’re investing money, time, & energy into marketing and business growth and it’s not working like you hoped or needed it to.

I'll help you plug the holes to get more sales and faster growth outcomes with increased brand loyalty and customer longevity

I work with difference makers (that’s YOU!) —  experts, coaches, healers, wellness entrepreneurs who help people in amazing ways, but are ready to step into the next level of awesome.

Let's breathe some fresh perspective into your marketing and accelerate your business growth. 

"Maximize Your Marketing Returns & Multiply Your business Growth"