Guest Interviews: Why Influence Podcast


Why Influence Podcast

Jeremy Segal

Entrepreneur | Podcaster

Jeremy is brilliant.

But he wasn't sure how to talk about himself. He had already done several interviews, but the idea of doing a solos episode was slowing him down.

I was excited to help!

We were working together on the brand messaging for Why Influence when he expressed the challenges he was having. He said he was getting a bunch of clarity answering my questions, so he asked if I would interview him for his show.

We ended up doing 4 update interviews and one of them was live. A huge milestone for a podcast. If you want to know how big... Listen to the episodes yourself below. 😉

Interview 1

episode: 000

Interview 2

episode: 010

Interview 3

episode: 020

Interview 4

episode: 030 | LIVE

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