Atlanta Garage Website & Booking System

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Once Upon A Time... I was a luxury trade craftsman...

But that's not what this story is about.

I only bring it up to give some context to the case study. After all it's my website. And no. I will NOT do your floor. ?

What I want you to look at is the website, (click the picture or link below) and see how you might be able to apply some of the principles and ideas to your website and business.

Some Things To Look For:

  • Proof: Imported Google Reviews, Testimonials, Logos, Pictures the TrueThat pop-ups are extremely effective and helpful. 
  • Full Website but like a Funnel has a singular CTA. The site walks them through the buyer's decision making process and educates them. 
  • NO PHONE NUMBER: Check out the contact page positioning. None of that is by accident. I never waste my clients time, or mine. It's powerful
  • Set Buying Criteria: Everything speaks to a specific Avatar and it gets them ready to buy from me specifically. It's not for everyone, but its powerful.
  • MISTAKE:  The request a quote button is a dud for me. It only brought in price shoppers. Most never call back after you send a quote. 

There's more to it of course. And it should probably be updated, but my focus isn't on floors, it's on helping people like you grow your business and help more people.

That being said, go check out my old website and see if you can get some new ideas. Or just get a feel for some of the things we can build out for you.

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