I Help Experts & Entrepreneurs
elevate & Evolve Your Brand

Let's Convert The 'Gift ONLY YOU Can Be' Into Gold for Your Business & Brand -

So You Have More To Give To The People You Love, The People You Serve, & The Life You Deserve.

Nathan Kettler - 'Advocate of Awesome'

discover, develop, & deliver your AUTHENTIC AWESOME!

Every brand is sitting on undiscovered or underdeveloped assets... 

Elements of Authentic Awesome that you could be using to boost credibility, increase demand, and carve out your competitor-proof advantage in the market. Don't let your Awesome go to waste.

Turn Your Undiscovered & Underdeveloped Assets Into An Unfair Advantage

call it the Alchemy of AwesomeThis is how you take something seemingly ordinary and create something extraordinary. A way to innovate your brand on demand

I've developed a step-by-step process to continually elevate and evolve your brand so you can attract next level opportunities and command higher rates.

A Step-By-Step Process To Continually Elevate and Evolve your Brand

It's called The ICON Method. There are 12 Key Areas that we will explore to find your hidden opportunities. Use your Elements of  Authentic Awesome to level up any one of these key areas and you will noticeably elevate your brand

Combine the right Elements, at the right time, and you unlock The Alchemy of Awesome to innovate and evolve your brand in ways that the competition simply can’t match

Unlock The Alchemy of awesome with...

The ICON Method

Turn Your Authentic Awesome Into A Competitor-Proof Advantage For Your Brand, Your Business, And Your Life!

The ICON Method will help you innovate, elevate, and evolve your brand so you can Attract next level opportunities and Command higher rates - even in hyper-competitive spaces like speaking and coaching.

Identify your Authentic 

Elements of Authentic

Claim your Advantage

Elements of Advantage

Own your AUTHority

Elements of Authority

Next-LEvel Your AWESOME

Elements of Action

Meet The Advocate of Awesome Nathan Kettler


I have spent more than a decade obsessed with human behavior, brand positioning, & expert messaging...

I love helping amazing people, just like you, create a High Demand, Competitor-Proof, & Collaboration-Ready brand.

I believe we each are a gift. But I realize that how we package that gift determines how valuable it is in the real world.

I have a personal mission to help people convert the "Gift ONLY YOU Can Be" into gold - so you have more to give - for the people you love, the people you serve, and the life you deserve. 

It's called The Alchemy of Awesome!

These days, I use it to help experts & entrepreneurs who are great at what they do, increase credibility, maximize opportunities, and make more money.

"I'm here to help you discover, develop, & deliver your authentic Awesome!"

How To Work With Nathan...

innovate your brand on demand

Brand Alchemy

AssessmentAction Plan

Uncover Undiscovered & Underdeveloped Brand Assets To Boost Credibility, Increase Demand, And Carve Out A Competitor-Proof Advantage For Your Brand And Business.

simple effective storytelling

Brand Bits

 & The Elements of AHA

Unlock The Influence of Short Stories That Make A Powerful Point To Boost Credibility, Increase Demand, And Move People To Action -  Stand Out And Be Remembered. 

What People Are Saying...

Devon Brown
EMCEE |Speaker | Author

"For messaging & communicating 'what makes you different so people will engage with you & buy from you...' you need to call Nathan."

Tasha Hart -
Author | Speaker | Thought Leader

"He helped me break down the language so I could pinpoint exactly where my value is,  how to elevate that and deliver it more effectively."

Jake Anderson

" I found myself getting instant CLARITY... I can communicate my value at every touchpoint of the buyer's journey."

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